Terms and Conditions

  • This appointment system uses “Zoom Meeting Platform” for video conferencing. The appointment is confirmed electronically by email including the link to enter the meeting and will remind again the day before your appointment.

  • In this appointment system, the applicant is unable to designate the specific officer to discuss with. The discussion will be conducted only by the duty officer on the day of the appointment.

  • The applicant can reserve only one time slot per day and the utmost duration of the appointment will be 30 minutes.

  • The applicant for the appointment shall enter the Zoom meeting link 10 minutes before the time of the appointment.

  • DICA will wait up until 10 minutes after the appointment time. On condition that the applicant for the appointment is absent till after the waiting time 10 minutes, the appointment will be cancelled by the system.

  • To be able to organize an effective discussion, the applicant for the appointment should bring documents and information concerning the project (or) topic of the discussion and it is also recommended to visit the official website of DICA,www.dica.gov.mm for more information about DICA and related activities before the discussion.

  • All the records of the discussion will be maintained by DICA and these records will not be legally bound.

  • All the participants of the discussion are encouraged to wear formal and have decent personal grooming. There will also be restrictions for the further appointments of the applicants who conducted inappropriate behaviors and used inappropriate words during the discussion.

  • All the Meetings will be based on Myanmar Standard Time (UTC/ GMT + 6:30 hours).